• Ricoh Theta 360° camera

    Ricoh Theta 360° camera

    Ricoh Theta is not just an ordinary camera. It is a 360° spherical camera that captures the space around you. And with just one touch. For example, when you see an incredible view that takes your breath away. You can capture the amazing view before your eyes at the same time as capturing your expression of amazement. Create a sense of presence so real it feels like you are actually there. Then with your smartphone and a Homido VR headset, you can look around the photos in any direction as if you were there. Things that you didn't notice at that moment are waiting for you to find them. Enter the world of RICOH THETA now.

    How to use Theta with your Homido headset: detailed tutorial

    8.280.000 VND
  • Homido Headset + Bluetooth gamepad bundle

    Homido Headset + Gamepad bundle

    Bundle of a Homido headset and a Bluetooth gamepad for a more immersive experience and to access all the exciting VR games and apps available.

    1.760.000 VND
  • Bluetooth gamepad

    Bluetooth gamepad

    Bluetooth gamepad for Android smartphones

    This controller will give you access to all the exciting VR games and apps available

    480.000 VND